RC car under $100 worth your time

RC car under $100 worth your time

RC cars price vary greatly. If you have been in the forums, you already know that finding a good RC buggy at that price is almost crazy, unless you want a toy car. What most usually recommend is to save up an extra $100 or $200 for a better vehicle. Well, that’s easier said than done. When you really want something, the only thing you lack most after money is time. Basically, you want it yesterday.

I have good news for you, but you only have a few option. One of them would be the Exceed RC Blaze EP or the Arrma AR102656 Raider. Both of this cars will give the thrill you need without alienate you with a bad driving experience.

Now, if you want to wait, which I also recommend, and save up to around $400, you will be able to some of the best RC cars on the market. What these cars have that even the best RC car under $100 doesn’t, better build quality and driving dynamics.

The top RC cars have brushless motors which allow for faster acceleration, better energy consumption, and higher top speed. Another great advantage of buying more expensive RC cars is that they have a lot of spare parts for upgrades. Cheap RC cars really lack in this category and that’s why many hobbyists don’t recommend them.

Another thing to know about RC cars is that some have a nitro gas engine and other have an electric motor. Knowing that your budget is under $100 should steer you toward electric RC cars due to their lower operating cost and ease of use.

Whether you are a beginner looking to start this as a new hobby or just someone looking to buy a gift for a friend or child, finding a good RC car at this price range is difficult. If you would like to consider the choices recommended above, you should definitely make the best decision.

RC cars are fun and hopefully, you will find the one for your need. If you have more questions, leave a comment below.


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